What is it about haiku and meditation that both impart a like taste,
so strangely satisfying, so difficult to describe?

Inspired by this question, we first gathered in 1996, a fellowship of haiku poets who sought to express the great silence in words. Since then we�ve met annually for retreats, and now invite others to join us in what we do, which is:

  • to encourage each other to write and read those haiku which have a resonance beyond the descriptive, an existential aftertaste.
  • to explore the contemplative dimension of haiku through personal practice, periodic workshops, group retreats and gatherings.
  • to offer a liberative vision of haiku as an everyday spirituality beyond sectarian divides.

It could all be too pious, couldn�t it? � which is where �redthread� comes in, the ancient Japanese term for the troublesome passions. They are part of us, and of our poetry. Even the enlightened, as Zen Master Songyan said, cannot, �sever the redthread.� He goes further, and challenges us to ask ourselves why we can�t.
This website is a free space for uncovering haiku with vitality, haiku which connect us with universals through the perfect particular. We welcome you to it in the spirit of friendship. There are:-

  • archives of our Retreat Reports
  • an archive of Haiku Spirit journals
  • talks given at our gatherings in the mountains
  • a haibun section of experimental writing in prose-and-poetry combinations
  • pages for featured writers
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And we hope you will contribute letters and articles to the debate we have initiated on haiku practice as an inner-path spirituality. Please send them to the editor, George Marsh.
We hope you enjoy the site (Have you answered the question yet? Why can�t the clear-eyed sever the redthread?).

"(Red Thread Haiku Sangha)...a truly marvellous site...among the most outstanding things going on anywhere" - Bill Higginson
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