by Bill Wyatt

New Year's day -
hoovering up all of last
year's entanglements
Old dreams shattered -
joining the clouds in limbo
on New Year's eve
Even my cat
suffering from SAD -
winter doldrums
Moon at the window -
blown by the winds of karma
crows fly out of sight
Bubbling into spring
passing beyond the full moon
greeting the pure breeze
No future, no past -
after the seagull roadkill
crow pecking at remains
Hey sun, you've been gone
far too long - now that you're back
cat tickling my toes
Just a cloud chaser
that's me - reading the sutras
that float in the sky
Some other Spring
I fell into a dream from which
I never awoke
Letting go cobwebs
of the past - bones of jade
& flesh of snow
Butterfly, do you dream
too of blonde
and pink girls
Mind stops wandering -
just as rain comes to an end
I find myself alone
Laughing with the breeze
that's my life - in the midst of it
not a speck of dust
One cup of wine
& as if out fo nowhere
autumn butterfly
Running through the rain
chasing after
my bodyless hat
With clouds rolling by
I'm on an autumn bender -
the moon my cup

Bill Wyatt
2008, 2009


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