by Noragh Jones
forgetting who I am
I smell a scentless tulip
hear spiders weaving
arthritic fingers
knit one, purl one, knit two together
her eternal scarf
out every morning
filling her handbag with gravel
busier than ever
big Janey Mac
not born right nor dead right
still laughing no joke!
glimpsing the cosmos
neighbour woman shouts Jesus!
twitch of the curtain
ex-housewife dreaming -
leaving her skinny body
she dusts the stars
dried up, blind and dumb
bad breath from gaping mouths
the sleep of reason
lost for words
beyond thinking, past doing
turnip head or Buddha?
for a moment there
I slid out of my skin
into the slanting sun
unknown visitors
spattering me with their words
shitting in the void
the walls slide open
riding the big black mare
we breathe the one breath


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