by Michael Gunton
through a small green shoot -
staring, staring
behind a lone tree
on a mountain ridge
immense clouds moving
in the rafters
of the whitewashed church
a wooden angel
on a boat at high tide
fly off
in the empty studio
a pink rosepetal falls
into sunlight
the old man
my father carved
when I was small
in spring sunshine
its face worn away
the sandstone saint
I'm me...
I'm me -
I'm me!!!
out of sight
among the sacks of veg
he's making tea
under the bridge
a small boy practises
swearing in French
a chimpanzee
in dappled shade
cradles her twins
wagging its tail
in the new house
the blind dog
on the hillside
two horses stock still
in the pouring rain
so lonely
that bonfire
across the valley
as night falls
high on a distant building
a red light flashing
waves crash
against the fortifications
dead of night


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