Cottage Haiku

by Bill Wyatt
Autumn mosquito
come in from the cold and share
my warm bedroom
On the telephone
a voice from the distant past -
early winter rain
Seeing the year out
I nearly bumped my head
against the moon
Sitting silently
doing nothing - spring arrives
all by itself
The midst of summer
alone I do as I please
clouds my neighbours
The summer moon
not even a speck of dust
to disturb the night
Sky can't cover it
earth can't hold it - sound of a bell
leaving a bell
Thru hazy mist
waves lapping - loneliness
of the ice cream eater
Bill Wyatt
from Cottage Haiku, available from Bill Wyatt,
as his other books are, at
35b Jameson Road
E. Sussex
TN40 1EG


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